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High-End, Custom Furniture for the Residential, Commercial, & Hospitality Markets
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Prominence Furniture manufactures custom, high-end furniture for the residential, hospitality, and commercial markets. We’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of independent designers, hotels, restaurants, and other manufacturers from around the world.

98% of our furniture is made in-house at our facility in Thomasville, North Carolina. This allows us to monitor quality and consistency from start to finish. Our highly talented team of artisans have the ability to design, build, and finish complex custom furniture in a rapidly evolving industry.

Residential Installations

Custom Sectional Sofa
Custom Dining Chairs

New York City Penthouse

We built our company on values such as reliability; as well as, ensuring top-notch quality. Because of this, furniture design firms utilize and trust our company to manufacture their private label goods. Above are a few examples of some custom, mid-century modern pieces we made as a white-label manufacturer for a client. The upholstered sectional couch, armchair by the window, and set of dining chairs were all custom made at our facility in North Carolina. Our company has the capacity and the aptitude to deliver on even the most complex installations.

Commercial & Hospitality Installations

Custom Sleeper Sofa

Marco Beach Ocean Resort, Marco Island, FL

Marco Beach Ocean Resort is a 5-star boutique hotel located on the southern tip of Florida.  Prominence Furniture was hired by the resort to manufacture custom made, modular sleep sofas (EZ Sleepsofas) for each room in the resort. Before winning this contract, Scotty Hill (Owner of Prominence Furniture and Patentor of the EZ Sleepsofa) brought an EZ Sleepsofa to the resort to participate in a blind comfortability test with multiple different brands. The competitors could not match the EZ Sleepsofa’s comfortability, functionality, and quality and the rest is history. An example of the EZ Sleepsofa can be seen above.

Albuquerque Marriot

Marriott – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Communication is the key to a successful project. An independent design firm contracted us to custom build the seating in this bar and lounge area at the Marriott in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our team was able to collaborate with the designer and turn their ideas into high-end, functional pieces. Above are the custom upholstered bar seats; as well as, the custom manufactured, orange lounge seating we made for this project. Our ability to interpret designer ideas and deliver on customer requirements sets us apart from our competition.